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VMs: Voynich Wiki (was: VMS rant)

Nick Pelling wrote:

The problem is that, to the extent that we are a *community* united by a common goal, we have two (often conflicting) priorities:
(1) specialisation - searching out more detailed information, through cross-reference & analysis
(2) generalisation - making the insights and observations (from (1)) accessible to all

Clearly, the more specialised our research becomes, the more difficult it well be to reconcile these two - and to the degree that Voynichology is an *accumulative endeavour*, this is probably inevitable.

In view of this long-term downward slope, perhaps we should consider some kind of collaborational / technological solution, so that we can continue to accumulate ideas in a useful way - kind of like an online Voynich dictionary / encyclopaedia that we can (all) constantly add to.

What we need is a Wiki. A Wiki is a special sort of website geared for the collaboration of cooperative groups like this. The pages are trivial to create, and anyone can edit any page. If you do a web search for "wiki", or "wiki wiki web", you'll see many in action. With a word or two of interest, I can set one up for us.

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