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VMs: Re: Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz

--- Jorge Stolfi and Luis Velez wrote:
>     > I'm trying to find a copy of the letters
> between Caramuel/Marci
>     > (unpublished) and Caramuel/Kircher... these
> last were published in:
>     > "Juan Caramuel. Su epistolario con Atanasio
> Kircher, S.J., in: Revista de
>     > filosofía XII/44 (1953), 101-47"
> Several such letters are avaliable in the Carteggio
> Kircheriano site.
> In particular, I remember seeing letters of Caramuel
> to Kircher where
> JC describes or uses binary notation, discusses
> Hebrew and Arabic with
> AK, and also tests AK's universal language by
> transtaling it into half
> a dozen languages.

The main source is the article by Cenyal which is
quoted above, but didn't the people in Madrid,
who had us confused about Barchius / Bachusen,
also study Caramuel?

What little I know about him comes form several
articles of John Fletcher. Caramuel was rather
excentric, and elusive too, since Marci and/or
Kircher used to complain about never being able
to locate him. Caramuel survived Marci by a few

I never found out what his precise relationship
was to the big Lobkowitz family, of whom one
famous proponent was a patron of Jacobus de
Tepenec. But of course, not too much should 
perhaps be made of this, since it was all a small
world really.

I think there are further biographical details
on the web.

Cheers, Rene

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