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VMs: Re: Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz

    > I'm trying to find a copy of the letters between Caramuel/Marci
    > (unpublished) and Caramuel/Kircher... these last were published in:
    > "Juan Caramuel. Su epistolario con Atanasio Kircher, S.J., in: Revista de
    > filosofía XII/44 (1953), 101-47"

Several such letters are avaliable in the Carteggio Kircheriano site.
In particular, I remember seeing letters of Caramuel to Kircher where
JC describes or uses binary notation, discusses Hebrew and Arabic with
AK, and also tests AK's universal language by transtaling it into half
a dozen languages.

If you have trouble locating the letters in the Carteggio site, I can
try to find the catalog numbers among my notes. But that will have to be
later next week...

All the best,