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VMs: Which way is up?

Further to my last,

        The castle could also be South if the 'map' is upside down. Each
'roadway' in between
rosettes has a word to the left and right. The words appear to be written as
though the reader is
walking clockwise around the map. The words inside the roadway (when there
are some) also appear
to be written this way (except the northeast rosette by the castle). Even
the words inside the rosettes
seem to run clockwise as well (with the exception of the southwest and
northeast rosettes).


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> >
> > The castle rosette would then be East (as Imola is not far from the east
> > coast), the faint Filaretian tower approaching the Northern rosette
> > be Milan (with the road going off from there into the top of the page
> could
> > indicate Venice), the Southern rosette would be Rome (or perhaps
> > and the Western rosette (with the so-called "clock") would be Tuscany.
>     Wouldn't the location of the two SUN images be more likely to indicate
> East-West?
> Which would put the castle to the North. and the 'clock' to the south... I
> wonder if the hands
> in the 'clock' have anything to do with the moons on f67... There are
> sets of three lines around that
> 'clock' where the numbers would be. Who measures time by eights?
> John.