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VMs: Re: Locating the nine-rosette map...

Hi John,

> The castle rosette would then be East (as Imola is not far from the east
> coast), the faint Filaretian tower approaching the Northern rosette could
> be Milan (with the road going off from there into the top of the page
> indicate Venice), the Southern rosette would be Rome (or perhaps Sicily?),
> and the Western rosette (with the so-called "clock") would be Tuscany.

    Wouldn't the location of the two SUN images be more likely to indicate

While this is certainly a possibility, I don't think it's quite powerful enough to disprove the "two roads" hypothesis per se. :-)

I'm now trying to find maps of what passed for a road-system circa 1500, to see what the main features were generally considered to be - staging posts, landmarks, etc. These may help give this idea a little more "shape". Any suggestions for how to go about this would be appreciated. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....