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VMs: Re: Locating the nine-rosette map...

Hmm. 3 x 8 = 24 might be a consideration?

Dana Scott

John Grove wrote:

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> Subject: VMs: Locating the nine-rosette map...
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> > The castle rosette would then be East (as Imola is not far from the east
> > coast), the faint Filaretian tower approaching the Northern rosette could
> > be Milan (with the road going off from there into the top of the page
> could
> > indicate Venice), the Southern rosette would be Rome (or perhaps Sicily?),
> > and the Western rosette (with the so-called "clock") would be Tuscany.
>     Wouldn't the location of the two SUN images be more likely to indicate
> East-West?
> Which would put the castle to the North. and the 'clock' to the south... I
> wonder if the hands
> in the 'clock' have anything to do with the moons on f67... There are eight
> sets of three lines around that
> 'clock' where the numbers would be. Who measures time by eights?
> John.