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VMs: Re: Introduction

--- Wieland Willker <willker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Voynichists,
> I am new to this MS and to the list.

> Could somebody please give me the current state of
> the dilemma? That means
> points that is generally agreed upon and the major
> disputed things?

I think it is fair to say that for most opinions
someone can be found who is opposed to it.
Essentially excluded is the 'modern hoax' theory.
It is not really excluded that it was a 16th
Century hoax to dupe emperor Rudolph, but from
the 1630's onwards its path is now relatively well

> E.g. is it generally accepted that two hands worked
> on the MS? etc...

My strong feeling is that the original find by 
Currier cannot be supported anymore, but there
could still be two hands in the MS. What is
not true is that there are two languages and
two hands, and that the split is correlate
throughout the text. But perhaps not everyone
has seen, or agrees to the evidence.

> Is already a consensus digital text available?

Jorge Stolfi has a combination of all transcriptions
and it is more complete than anyone ever produced
before. You can get various different 'products'
out of that.

> Have color images been produced and are they
> available?

Only very few. They are at a Beinecke library web

Kind regards, Rene

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