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VMs: Re: Random discoveries in the library

Here's the reply from Mr North, when asked about his opinion on f67r:

> Dear Mr Vélez,
> No brief comment of mine on the Voynich manuscript is likely to be of much
> use to anybody, and I do not have the time to go into much detail. The
> feeling it gives me is that it belongs to the first half of the sixteenth
> century. Some of it hints at astrologically guided balneology (f. 70r),
> unless that is an alchemical allegory, and the whole manuscript is probably
> related in some way to medicine.
> The pages you sent seem to hint at something soli-lunar. That on the right
> looks at first sight like a simple figure of lunar phases, and its division
> into twelve parts could be an indication of the signs of the zodiac, but it
> does not seem to be very profound, or even competent. (Without being able to
> decipher it, however, this remark of mine is of course no more than a
> guess.) I cannot read the inscriptions in the outer ring, but they all seem
> to be too long for the Latin names of the signs. Perhaps they are those,
> supplemented by more information.
> The fact that the diagram on the left is divided into 24 parts makes one
> think of the hours of the day, and so of anything that can be correlated
> with the hours. Perhaps we are looking at something medical, say hours for
> bleeding, or evacuation, or surgery, or even for picking herbs for medical
> purposes. The number of options is very great, and I doubt very much
> whether, if a solution is ever found, it will tell us very much that does
> not concern the psychology of the writer.
> Good luck with your efforts, even so.
> John North