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VMs: Re: VMS numbering systems hypotheses...

Hi Dana,

How would the 898989 sequence in the middle/right of line six in f14v and the
89890898 sequence in the seventh line be interpreted? I see a possible match to
the triplicates seen in the botanical drawing. And what are all those dots in
the first gallow? May match to the drawing as well?

It's quite possible that "89" actually codes for a letter: the apparent size of the alphabet is quite small, so this is not unlikely. Beyond that, I wouldn't like to say. :-/

As far as the dots go, I'm pretty much 100% with Steve Ekwall: he believes that these (and long gallows) indicate some kind of code index in the characters beneath (or following) it - but more than that, my crystal ball is hazy, sorry. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....