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VMs: Re: kelley ?

--- KarloHoffmann@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> In Jacqueline Dauxois Book on Rudolf II (original:
> "L'empereur des alchimistes. 
> Rudolphe II de Habsbourg", 
> german translation "Der Alchimist von Prag" pg. 196)
> i read a mention, Edward Kelley 
> has found a ciphered manuscript (from the grave of a
> walisian monk) befor he came to 
> Dee - the manuscript was the occasion to start his
> carreer in magic. I think, Mme 
> Dauxois repeatet a story found in existing books on
> Kelley (or Dee)
> Can anybody say, where this fact can be found? May
> it have bee the VMS? Or have 
> been already dicussions on that fact?

This is a very well known story about Kelly, which
is reported with some variations in different books.
The story goes back to hearsay and can hardly
be verified. 

I might as well indicate an area of my web
site that contains some reference texts related
to this, and to later VMS-related history.
Please do not put any hyperlinks to it, since
it is obviously not compliant to certain rights
that we all know.


Cheers, Rene

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