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VMs: Re: Embeddable VMS fonts testing

Hi GC,

Couldn't sleep, so I got up to try again, and finally got a test
page working at http://www.baconbooks.net/Voynich/meva.htm.  If
anyone gets a chance, please test this page and see if you see a
few Voynich characters.

Much as you'd expect, it works fine with Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000, but not with any version of Netscape (I tried 4.08, 4.76, and 6).

Speaking as a part-time web programmer, I'd far prefer to put a link to the font file on my page than have to rely on MS-only special features.

There is an alternative: you could write a PHP (or Perl, or even JavaScript) filter to replace any VMS (whether EVA or MEVA) text on a page with small graphics. Once these had loaded, they'd persist in the most-recently loaded cache for a good while, so shouldn't slow down subsequent pages. Just an idea. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick P.....