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VMs: A-Voynich Transcription pages

The purpose and methodology pages for the A-Voynich transcription
are now posted, as well as the first "interactive" transcription
page, folio 1v.  These links may be found at the bottom of

Viewing of these pages while the transcription and the font are in
production stages can only be accomplished through IE 4.0 and
above.  I would have to counter any obvious objections by noting
that IE is free to those who want it, available for a multitude of
platforms, and the only web browser that is compliant with the
majority of the current C3S standards.  The pages are also
portable to Adobe 5.0 applications.  The few systems that will not
run IE 4.0 or above cannot at this time be addressed, as the
practical application of this technology vastly outweighs the
cumbrance of backward engineering.

As is made visibly obvious by the example transcription page of
folio 1v, located at
http://www.baconbooks.net/Voynich/folio_1v.htm, transcription and
verification have been consolidated into a single step.  Alternate
representations or concerns can easily be added to the comments
section, and all information bearing on the final weight of
transcription displayed appropriately, either in assigned
characters, or to characters yet to be defined.  Updates to the
data set can be made globally, applying to all pages or simply to
a single page, depending on the weight of the argument or concern.

A single transcription error on f1v was not intentional, but an
artifact of control settings in Word, which attempts to
automatically capitalize 'i' at the beginning of a line.  I will
correct this in both the transcription and the control settings.

It is my hope that those who have an interest in a glph-based
transcription will participate and help to answer the qeustion of
the VMS 'character' unit.