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VMs: Re: John Dee's "Tuba Veneris"...?

Hi David,

> Just a quick thought: when referring to John Dee's early "Tuba Veneris"
> (Warburg MS FBH 510)...

I don't think many believe that the Tuba is genuinely Dee.  I have examined
some samples and the details (writing, illustrations etc.) are unlike any of
the Dee MSS with which I am familiar.  Classic psuedoepigraphy in my

Fakery is certainly possible - though I wonder what would have been gained by it?

Hmmm... perhaps it was put together by an enemy, to definitively link Dee with nigromancy? It's possible, though I have to say a tad unlikely. :-/

So far, all I've seen is the scans and transcriptions on Joseph Peterson's website: however, the Warburg Institute has a copy of "Das Büchlein der Venus", Jörg Meier's book on this (classmark FBH 510) [based on his PhD thesis], so I'll defer judgement until I've seen it for myself. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....