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VMs: Re: Write to me c/o The Tower of Babel...

Hi Mark,

At 10:49 12/07/02 -0500, you wrote:
My father was a Serbo-Croat translator in the army.
He's proably a little rusty but might be able to help you.

If he's willing, that would be extremely kind! I'll try to make sense of it first, to cut it down a bit (it's 12 pages long - way too much!) :-/

Some of it is summarised in English, and there's a bibliography, so it should be reasonably OK. I'll also see if I can borrow a Serbo-Croat dictionary from somewhere. :-)

You have a link to the text?

Not exactly - I've got a photocopy of it on order, which should arrive in the middle of next week.

I'll continue this discussion off-list... :-)

Thanks very much, .....Nick Pelling.....