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VMs: RE: VMS Quires

John wrote:
It's a basic assumption of mine that the quire numbers are accurate - while the page numbering was done after
the binding. It doesn't seem to make sense to me that the quire number '9' begins a quire on folio 69, when the
quire 8 signature is where it should be (bottom right of the last 'verso' side of 16 pages).
I'm very much in agreement that the foliations were done later, but the quire marks are original.  The markings look to be in the original style, and the Latin shorthand notation is appropriate for the time period.
As to shorthands, I've laughingly considered that the "Portas" remark on the "Oladabas" page is some woud-be decipherer's reference to Porta's discussion on shorthand as a method of secret writing.  If this note was written after 1568, it would be possible, and as edivenced in several books before 1600, this particular discussion was quite popular.  Take Thomas Newton's dedicatorie letter to Peter Bale's "The Writing Schoolemaster" as an example.  Porta's shorthand is mentioned prominently, but Porta had not yet been published in England, even illegally!  (The first bootleg edition came out the same year, but later than Bale's book).