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VMs: Re: VMS Quires

--- John Grove <4groves@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [...] for the most part it
> seems as though the quires could fit into standard
> 16 page quires...
> www.morewood.net/vmsquires.html

A real problem is posed by the foldouts.
Why are they there in the first place?
Did the author only have some leftover pieces of
vellum that could not be cut to the proper size?
Then if so, shouldn't they be at the end of the 
book (either physically, or [chrono]logically)?

According to the digraph statistical analysis
I once did, the text characteristics of the text
on the foldout pages marks a transition from A
to B language. {Since Currier largely used the text
on normal pages for his analysis, he found the
two distinct sets which he called A and B.}
So also in this context they are not the 'end'
of the document.

This first 7 quires in the book are normal. The
next one is abnormal, in that it has 5 bifolia,
not 4. BUT:
- 3 of the 5 are missing. We're only relying 
  on the foliator here.
- it has mixed content: herbal, cosmo, text only

In the following quires the situation only
gets worse... Is this evidence of different people
being involved???

Cheers, Rene

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