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Doh! - f95v2 does have the number not 95v1 - so the already bound book when
numbered concept is still good...

In answer to Steve's question as to whether we can come up with a consensus
of exactly how many pages there are -- well that means everyone has to
agree what exactly defines a page. This little folio analysis I've been
is nothing new - many people have been through the fold-outs, numbers, and
quires before and have been trying to make sense of it all.

The only difference I think with what I've been up to lately is that I'm
forcing my own analysis to adhere to these 'standard' set of rules.

	Quires are marked on the bottom right of the last verso page of a quire.
	Quire marks were original & language for entire folio was one style.
	Folio marking was done on a bound book that was partially incorrectly bound
		as language should be consistent within each quire.*(my bias I'm sure)
	Folio marking is done only on the top right of the recto pages.

By applying those two standards alone, quire 9 needs to be re-ordered and
we 'know' that the foldouts were tucked into the book when the foliation
place. 85/86 are one page. The foliator numbered 'at least' 116 pages,
us that there were in fact 'at least' another 12 pages that we don't have in
today's copyflo.

	At least one of those missing pages (74) was a fold-out... As for the
12 wasn't a fold-out; the rest - who knows?