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VMs: Roob's The Hermetic Museum

Just finished reading a copy in portuguese  of 'The Hermetic Museum :
Alchemy & Mysticism' by Alexander Roob (Paperback, 712 pages, mostly
ilustrations, published by Taschen America Llc, 1997, ISBN: 382288653X)
(Jorge, you would probably like it, and since it is one of those ubiquitous
Taschen books, I could see it in virtually every bookstore I visited in Sao
Paulo). BTW, if anyone ever goes there do not miss that magnificent Figueras
restaurant in Jardins.

I scanned a few pages for my database of 'circled-stars-and-signs' and did
not find the text entirely hopeless... actually it was entertaining. Rene,
did you find it so because of the language of your copy, or did you think it
it unscientific? Just curious.

Particularly of interest (would seem worth looking at the entire mss) were
plates showing: an XI Century Northern Italy zodiac ms (page 63, kept at the
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris); the XIVth Century Welislaw's Bible (page
339, kept at Prague University); the balneological scenes in De Alchemia,
Leiden, 1526 (page 194); and the Kircher plates.