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VMs: Re: Mandaeans and the VMS...?

Dear all,

in all this, we have to keep in mind that there
are several different issues:
- the style of the script 
- the style (and concents) of the drawings
- the knowledge contained in the Voynich MS.

The script and drawings may well be more related
to the person(s) who wrote the MS, while the
knowledge may be derived from any MS that was
available some time in the 15th C (or thereabouts).

Persian, Syriac, Mongolian, Greek or Armenian
sources may well be represented in the VMs, even
though it does not look like any of these at

So while it is worth looking out for correspondences
in drawing or writing styles, it would be dangerous
to eliminate possiblities on the basis of a lack
of such correspondence. 

Cheers, Rene

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