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VMs: quire 9

Morning all,

	I doubt that the slightly shifted order of quire 9 has made it any more
difficult to grasp the concept of what exactly is being shown to us in quire
9, but the real 'last two pages' are the sun followed by the moon in the
starry designs of 68r1 and 67r1 prior to commencing quire 10.

	Whether all quires should have 16 pages can not be confirmed, and may be a
little weak in the zodiac section to explain why any extra pages might be
stuck in the middle of Taurus for example....

	Anyway, Quire 9 - if drawn out in miniature looks like it should be
carrying a specific bit of information that we should be able to figure out
(but for some stupid reason, our modern minds can't seem to grasp the
underlying meaning of these pages)...

	The title page is definitely f67r2 with its underlined and 'bold' text at
the bottom. The next page in the sequence is often referred to as the
eclipse and begins the long foldout, followed by the old man sun (whose
reverse side just happens to carry the end of quire marker, and then the sun
over moon, moon over sun, and the four seasons (my interpretation). The
verso side of the foldout begins with the nebula and its TO map, followed by
the sun in a black hole(okay, I just didn't know what else to call it), and
finally, the last two pages are: the new sun and the new moon -- the new
moon page contains the end of quire marker just where it would be
expected -- bottom right of the last verso page of a folio. This page should
be facing the gutter with f69r on the right side.