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VMs: Further to: Meaning of Pisces?

Further to:

> The _constellations_ of the zodiac aren't really
> that important. After all, there are not 12 but
> 13, and even if one ignores the 13th (Ophiuchus)
> the remaining 12 are not all 30 degrees wide.

To ilustrate this: stars belonging to various
constellations were attributed to each of the
signs of the zodiac, depending on which degree they
would rise together with (so-called paranatellonta).

This can be seen at two illustrations I already
put at my web site a long time ago.
They are both linked at the bottom of
the page: http://www.voynich.nu/extras.html

The Scorpius one shows two stars from Ophiuchus
(snake-bearer) one near the bottom and one near
The Leo one actually has two illustrations of a 
cross-bow, referring to stars in the constallation
Sagittarius. The figure in the outer ring at
2 o'clock is quite interesting as a comparison 
with the Voynich MS. This illustration comes from
Spain (if I am not badly mistaken). 

Cheers, Rene

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