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VMs: Re: Michiton oladabas

Hi Gabriel,

BTW, just to increase the confusion ;-) my reading of the last folio key is:

#f116v.1>    p*clabc* nomon nucor*v
#f116v.2>    + nuchicon oladab<yd> + multo<d> + tc + c<h>vc + porta<d> + n +
#f116v.3>    fix + marix + mocix + vix + ahra + maria +
#f116v.4>    <oror sheey> val<d>ch vbren so nim gaf mich o

where the < > indicate eva characters and * is unreadable.

Confusion is normally quite a healthy thing: so here's some more. :-)

Line #1: looks (to my eyes) like...

#f116v.1 pax<dodo>* nomen *utorte

...though, if you really want confusion, flip it left-to-right & "nomen" looks vaguely like "mirror"... :-)

Line #2: doesn't make much sense to me. :-(

Line #3: rotate it 180 degrees, and each letter group (separated by a "+") is then apparently preceded by a Roman numeral. A shopping list? :-)

#f116v.3 [rotated 180 degrees] + vi n + v m + vi go + xi n + xi vom + xi ivn + xij

Line #4: doesn't make much sense to me. :-(

Make of this what you will. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....