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VMs: Re: hi-res VMS images

    > [Glen Claston:] ... a very detailed set of two images of the top
    > and bottom of folio 87v, posted by [Stolfi]. ... I don't think
    > it has been decided that these two images are necessarily
    > 'public domain'.
They certainly are not "public domain", any more so than the other images
of the VMS that can be viewed at the Beinecke site.

I see now that those two images of f87v, particularly, are not
available on that site. Hmm, perhaps I goofed... 

However, that omission by itself may not mean anything. The Beinecke
image site was set up some time ago, as part of a large project to
digitize their *photo* archive, and it doesn't seem to have been added
to recently. In fact its maintainers may not even be aware of the
existence of that f87v scan.

(As has been told here before, Beinecke did have plans at some point
to make high-resolution scans directly from manuscripts. They got a
special-purpose "overhead" scanner from IBM and scanned at least one
volume (a book on Arthurian legends; the images used to be available
on-line). The sample scan of f87v was done with the same equipment,
some time later, by an employee who was in charge of their imaging and
data processing section.  That was not part of any formal project, but
an exceptional favor that he and his bosses agreed to do in order to
to help the discussion.  But Beinecke eventually decided they didn't have
the manpower to do the job themselves, and opted to hire an outside
firm for all their book scanning projects; and that employee left at
about the same time --- so it is quite possible that they lost sight 
of that file.)

I don't recall Beinecke placing any special confidentiality
constraints on that scan when they made it available to us. (I
certainly didn't sign anything!) Nevertheless they definitely retain
the copyright on those images, just as they own the copyright on 
their photo scans. Please treat them accordingly.

All the best,