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VMs: Re: VMS images / castle

Hi Petr,

I went back to the Dutch Royal Library (at The Hague) and by hand added some
details to the very bad photocopy that they made for me. It's relatively
accurate now, and there are more buildings around the castle than you
probably would have expected. It looks very European / medieval now. (If
some towers look like chinese pagoda's then that's my bad drawing.) The
castle itself shows no new details except that the black spots are really
there and that they stand for windows and doors.

Excellent, thanks! :-)

However, I'm still unsure what to make of the black shape in front of of the castle. In the CopyFlo, it looks like the top of a free-standing turret in the moat (like the demi-lunes at Imola's castle), but in your hand-enhanced version, it looks like it could perhaps be a doorway?

Is anyone still interested in the Flora Magica texts?

I am, but I'm not now sure it's particularly relevant to the VMS. Also, it seems likely that...

Kuhlen, Franz-Josef: Zur Geschichte der Schmerz-, Schlaf- und betäubungsmittel
im Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit. Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte der
Pharmazie, Bd. 19. Stuttgart 1983 (Diss. Univ. Marburg) ISBN 3-7692-0634-7

...would cover this same area more thoroughly than the very slightly haphazard Flora Magica. :-/

The discussion seems
to have moved in an entirely different - and very exciting - direction.

It keeps doing that, don't worry about it. :-)

Am I
right that it's a relatively new idea to use the VMS-pictures (and their
historical precedents) to find some keys (cribs) for the text? It sounds
like a promising approach to me.

It's an old idea, but we're trying new variations on it. :-)

I'm sure you and I are not alone in hoping that the 360 Latin degree names (from Pietro d'Abano, and elsewhere) would be a good potential crib for the astrological labels. :-)

I'd always presumed (wrongly, based on modern, more esoteric degree assignments I'd seen) that they would be too long to match the VMS' labels. But if they're no more complex than "flies", or "seabird", then who knows... :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....