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VMs: VMS images / castle

I went back to the Dutch Royal Library (at The Hague) and by hand added some
details to the very bad photocopy that they made for me. It's relatively
accurate now, and there are more buildings around the castle than you
probably would have expected. It looks very European / medieval now. (If
some towers look like chinese pagoda's then that's my bad drawing.) The
castle itself shows no new details except that the black spots are really
there and that they stand for windows and doors.

The pictures should be here:
http://pkazil.free.fr/voy_castle01.jpg - 380 kb - good
http://pkazil.free.fr/voy_castle02.jpg - 180 kb - not so good

BTW - The husband of one of my good customers works at the Royal Library and
I'll try to apply some pressure here to make better digital photographs.
Don't know if it works though ...

Is anyone still interested in the Flora Magica texts? The discussion seems
to have moved in an entirely different - and very exciting - direction. Am I
right that it's a relatively new idea to use the VMS-pictures (and their
historical precedents) to find some keys (cribs) for the text? It sounds
like a promising approach to me.

< end of seriousness - start of nonsense >

I forwarded your invitation to the masonic congress to the "urban
exploration mailing list" and received this hilarious response:

Infiltrating the masons is theoretically the hardest type of all (...) with
the masons, your behavior inside would need to exactly conform to an
extremely unusual secret ritual behavior which you will not be aware of, and
have no tangible way to research. (...)

However, I have tried it recklessly once. We got into the meeting as people
were getting lined up in their chairs, heard the call to order "Brethren!"
shout. (basically this I have personally confirmed as a silly masonic word
and something to shout in groups of rich folks to see if you get any
concerned masons looking around). A guy immediatewly approached us , shook
our hands (we both got scared and forgot to do the handshake), and we made
an excuse saying that we were interested in joining but werent memembers
yet. He told us to wait outside.

It would have been far more psychologically terrifying to have not got
caught instantly though. In a locked room with a big group of old men who
all of a sudden start saying words in unison where you dont know what the
f**k is going on. I would have shit my pants.

However, I am now social engineering my way into the group, have a sponsor,
and  my application process is underway. My sponser predicts I can ascend
the degrees very rapidly oncece Im in.

< end nonsense - now you're entitled to kick me off the list >