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VMs: Re: Regulus

> Looking at the "Regulus nymph" again, the label below her
> starts with an "o" then a space and what might be a "beta"
> (sorry for not speaking EVA but I don't have the EVA mappings
> handy). So - pushing one's imagination to the limits - the
> label might actually be "Basileos", perhaps preceded by
> an article (are there articles in Greek?).

Yes, there are, and if I remeber my ancient Greek the male article would
be ... an o (omicron) with a hard aorist (breathing) above it, read "ho".
Is there any sign of a small accent, in the shape of a c, above the o?
It may have disappeared of course, if it was ever there.

I would check this myself, but I'm away from my VMS materials for a week
on a slow connection.


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