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VMs: Re: Folio 39r

Hi GC,

At 04:10 25/09/02 -0500, you wrote:
Nick, your suggestions - how can we make this more directly
correctible?  Every technology I've tested, discussed or
contemplated leaves out some of our more backward fellows.
Anybody have a free-ware version of 'Post-it Notes'? ;-0  Here's
the area where I'm at a loss, since I have no intention of ever
going back to writing <iin> for a simple 'm'.  A true discussion
needs both image and transcription simultaneously to be effective.
That's why I've gone to the database approach, since I can store
both in the same file.  Better ideas are appreciated.

To make it easier to proof as is, precede each line of text with its line number. Preceding each word with its word index within the line (in a faint colour and smaller font) would also help. Determining an error's position took just as much time as finding it in the first place. :-)

One step up from there: PHP could generate (from your database) simple web-pages based on forms, where each word is preceded by a named checkbox, whose checkedness could be made to persist in an online database. This would allow multiple listees to flag changes independently.

That kind of mechanism wouldn't be browser-specific at all, so just about everyone should be comfortable with it. :-)

For "security" (such as it is on the net), these pages could be placed in a password-protected directory... much more than that would probably be overkill. I doubt we'd get any script kiddies in this group. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick P.....