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VMs: RE: Solid-loop gallows...?

Hi GC,

At 09:29 24/09/02 -0500, GC wrote:
I've also put up a quick jpg of the {c} and stroke based sets,
http://voynich.info/vgbt/strokes.jpg.  More glyphs will be added
to these sets as pages are transcribed, but it becomes fairly
obvious (to me anyway) that there is a logical and predictable
pattern to their construction, and that what holds true for one
glyph form tends to be true for other glyph forms.

Extremely interesting would be *instance counts* of each of the glyph-combinations: for anyone looking to form statistical predictions about gallows-as-a-numbering-system, that would be a good base camp. :-)

Also: I have to say, though, that seeing all those EVA <...ch...> variants cutting through the gallows legs brings to mind (well, to my mind at least) a roll of paper drawn in various ways.

I have my own theories as to why these things are drawn
predominantly in sets of four, but Roman numerals also works as a
theory! ;-)

Back when I began, I could only see the VMS as a kind of overwhelming "glyph soup"... and then as a coherent set of glyph-pairs... and then as a strange number code with a few extra characters. Now I just see a continuous blur: Guess I must have missed out the sets-of-four stage by mistake. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick P.....