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VMs: RE: Solid-loop gallows...?

Nick wrote:
> Has anyone done a test to see if gallows characters
> with filled loops have
> different statistical profiles from the same gallows
> with no filled loops?
> GC, have you taken account of this in your new
> transcription? Just a
> thought. :-9

I have given some thought to the filled loops of gallows, {8}
glyphs, etc., and in all cases these appear to be a matter of ink
flow and vellum absorption, judging from other glyphs on the page.
Better images would help of course! :-)

I've placed a jpg of all forms present through the first 100
pages, (not taking into consideration stylized glyphs at
beginnings of pages or paragraphs, which are obvious in that they
are calligraphically driven forms of real glyphs), at

I've also put up a quick jpg of the {c} and stroke based sets,
http://voynich.info/vgbt/strokes.jpg.  More glyphs will be added
to these sets as pages are transcribed, but it becomes fairly
obvious (to me anyway) that there is a logical and predictable
pattern to their construction, and that what holds true for one
glyph form tends to be true for other glyph forms.

I have my own theories as to why these things are drawn
predominantly in sets of four, but Roman numerals also works as a
theory! ;-)