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VMs: Re: More Fontana name trivia...

Oops :-( sorry I just wrote:
   The KEY PAGE(s) (Not needed in ~cracking/decoding~) would be simply
 rotated 180 degrees (depending on the lower c_c's around its preceding
 gallow(s)... WHICH MEANS each gallows can point to it's
 reverse-opposite side of the key page.. thus,

That (above) should have read:

  The KEY PAGE'<s) (Not needed in ~cracking/decoding~) would be simply 
rotated 180 degrees. (lower c_c's work on the PAGE your on)... WHICH
MEANS, each gallows can points to it's other side of the KEY etc...

sorry about that.... It seems confusing at first, but trust me it
FLOWS very well..... 

Consider though, if your opening a padlock (combination/ not keyed)
make a ~mistake~ and you have to "unscramble" to redo it.

Sorry again about that...

best to you and yours
steve (back under my warm ol' Rock! - lol) ekwall