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VMs: Re: More Fontana name trivia...

hi everyone :-)

 I've ~wonder'd~ why I might have been "picked?", could it really be
so SIMPLE as a rotating combination? (e.g. like a safe dial - yet

 Being a mere MASTER LOCKSMITH here and ~Cracking Safes (over 1,000+)
~Cracking Vaults (20+ bank type) since I was 13ys old... I'm still
convinced the "Enigma-like" machine is just a _mere PAPER KEY PAGE_ (3
pages at most)

[KEY pages missing? (torn out of) in the VMS] sigh :-(

P.S. I crack the "Broken or Troubled ones" - LEGALLY/daylight hours -
             and NEVER for outside HIRE! (ha.haaa)

  The KEY PAGE(s) (Not needed in ~cracking/decoding~) would be simply
rotated 180 degrees (depending on the lower c_c's around its preceding
gallow(s)... WHICH MEANS each gallows can point to it's
reverse-opposite side of the key page.. thus,

This provides a ~coded~ brush-stuck (of any alphabetand & numbers 0-9)
in ONE direction THEN can 'mirror-brush' the whole thing backwards at
each gallow(s) in the OTHER direction... actually rather SIMPLE to
~turn the page~ 180.

Thus the Mirror CODE!  (??)

SO, while I'd really LOVE to open a mere safe or vault that wasn't in
trouble or broken, AND just have 2 'combinations' Folded or Flip etc.. 
I would HATE to have to try to guess WHERE TO START? on any giving VMS
page in the MIDDLE... Give me THAT "STARTING GALLOWS" at the top of
each page (or leading paragraph) anyday (ha.haa) there-in lies the

OK, I will crawl back under my rock here - good luck all, lately GC
too, as his page is sounding like my next page for complications of
interactiveness with glyph pointers (I still hand type HTML code :-(

best to you & yours :-)
steve (~shhhhhhh now) ekwall
THINK SIMPLE !!!!! It's just a mechanical CODE !!!!

 Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:13:21 +0200
 From: Rafal T. Prinke <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx>
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 Subject: VMs:  Re: More Fontana name trivia...
 Nick Pelling wrote:
 > >I found that page and it is quite interesting (in our context), as
 > >it refers to "letter-coded padlock", the invention of which
 > >is usually ascribed to Hans Ehemann of Nurnberg in 1551 - but
 > >their drawings also appear in a MS by Johannes Fontana from 1410-20.
 > In an exhibition in Bruges last summer, I saw an extraordinary chest with
 > an amazing locking mechanism, commissioned by the Medici's as part of their
 > banking apparatus - very cool, very 15th Century. :-)
 I can now imagine a monk with an Enigma-like machine
 on his desk, encoding the VMS :-)
 Best regards,