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VMs: Re: More Fontana name trivia...

hi GC & all :-)

 Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 01:46:49 -0500
 From: GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx>
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs:  RE: More Fontana name trivia...
 Steve Ekwall wrote:
 > Consider though, if your opening a padlock
 > (combination/ not keyed)
 > ..
 > make a ~mistake~ and you have to "unscramble" to redo it.

GC wrote: " "
 I certainly don't want to go toe-to-toe with a Master Locksmith,
 but I'm having a problem with this analogy.  Many of us "amateur
 cryppies" have a childhood history of fascination with locks, and
 while we don't do it professionally, we do know something about
 mechanical locks.  To open a combination padlock I simply shim the
 shank, then look down the barrel and line up the marks on the
 three discs to ascertain the combination.  I own a box of locks
 I've purchased simply because I've never opened one of that model,
 and I still have an urge once in awhile to pick up a new one and
 work it out. Even the popular Sesame bottom-combo and Masterlock
 175 can be opened (by this amateur) faster than you can spin the
Better to SEE the FLAT(s),"shiming the shank", as you call it, is
more of a ~Feel~ then
a look down the barrel (depending on your lock),(presently CLOSED till
OPEN) process. BUT BTW, many simple combination (bicycle locks) fall
into this catagory. :-) "shiming" to me is the physical _in and out_
pressure applied to the resisting dog (or retaining mechanism) Oh
(trick for you?) "Sesame's" need to be "shimed" PER DIGIT to OPEN,
insert shim to RIGHT side of each number wheel (Feel FLAT SPOTs during
rotation :-) ALL ~TRICKS~ have to be FASTER then (duh) ooo1 ooo2 0003
0004 etc.. else we make even LESS money then meger locksmiths......

-=*s=-> BTW (super secret ~sshhhhh~) ALL safes (regardless of size)
(direct drive & indirect drive (multiple gears) etc. can be ~Felt~ or
even ~Seen~ at 'index marker (left or right?) in it's diveating FLAT
SPOTS (to the Fence / under the LOCKING DOG) including the old (circa
1890-1930) BLANK DIALS leaving 1-100 blank in the GATE "0" position.

I say "spotS" plural, as one just walks the "dog" down lower or HOME,
then "voila!" it's OPEN!!

~shhhhhhh~ I _DID NOT_ WRITE THAT !!! ~Shhhhhhh~

-=se=-> The new ~electronic~ safes are of course a different matter.
The newest (Military/1996?) "Moss-Hamilton" (now /copied/ by YALE &
S&G (Sargent & Greenleaf)) can be opened with a mere 9v battery.  I
don't do much math, just
connect "points" A to B etc.. but the VMS is way prior to THAT (this?)
era vms: Think ink- pen - PAPER !!

Easier to 'Jack around' with PAPERia - right?

 So I guess I'm still missing the analogy.  There's a parallel
 between mechanical locks and cryptography, 

*YES* parallel !  (& to gunsmithing too!)  these "things" are designed
to go round & round & round... (see automatic's)
actually, Houdini turned me on! THINK CIRCULAR! then sadly VMS author
FOLDED it too (cool, but harder again) My guess is, But? IT will STILL

I grant that - Selenus'
 frontispiece was a combination lock.  I even grant that there is
 some similarity between machine generated algorithms and
 mechanical locks, since both are forms of locks solidified in
 mathematics and steel. (All you need to break a computer cipher is
 a faster computer).  There's nothing to connect human classical
 cipher with locks or machines.  Humans don't limit themselves to
 strict mechanical or mathematical rules, and what we consider
 'logic' is a confusing jumble to a machine - indeed, when we try
 to solidify this logic in stone or steel, it becomes 'art', an
 object open to many interpretations.
Here Sir, I beg to differ, (to faster computers, algorithms etc.)
I HAD NEVER even heard of Voynich - (thinking BACK, I don't think I
still want to know now) when "enlightened by ES" (laugh you on-line 
I was told I could DECODE THIS! (yea, I KNOW what this sounds like) :(

When a "code" is REVERSED (per the whim of scribe or Author) by a
mere CHARACTER (gallow(s)).. it componds and Compounds COMPOUNDS on
itself... (ARRGGggggGggggg) start over REDO REDO REDO ( unscramble the
lock as it were)... TouchE~ etc..

This is a SIMPLE "MESS" and many have gone astray, ALBIET - I too have
enjoyed the journey here!!  (way cool LINKS :-)) Castles, ?Strange
languages? and pointers/compass's abound in the vms... LIFE exudes
through ITs (vms) pages... If you see no more then my connections
above - SEE the LIFE it presents (represents)... Hey - Guys & Gals -
I'm just passing IT on - don't shot your messenger here etc... 


 So what's the connection?  Why do you think this is a 'simple
 mechanical code', and what Master Locksmith attempts to open a
 combination padlock by trying myriads of combinations when the
 simplest approach to a mechanical lock is a mechanical approach?
(see above) 
one should: NEVER START with "myriads of combinations" (duh)
You will ~Break a Brain-Cell there- & I only started here with 3

FOLLOW the ~FLOW~ of the script! (Start at the TOP!) [each page]
(geezz louezze?)

IT vms was ~written by a human~ yes! IF its ABOUT HUMANS ?? (h*ck I
don't know / told I can DECODE but NOT -read IT-!

best to you & yours
steve ( think "3 3 9" too?) ekwall

last note tonight : The TIME is NOW! (but) But, NO RUSH! 
-=se=->go figure??<-=se=-

all the above has been previously archieved... I'm going Back ~under
MY ROCK here~ (ha.haa) 

adious all :-)

P.S.S. we need " pictures " to show this proper ..ascii fails