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VMs: Re: f68v3 ("Andromeda") and it's T-O map...?

    > [me:] surely there is an English translation somewhere...

Not yet, but I found this:

    'At last out of the deep sea he passed,
    and mist rolled on the shore;
    under clouded moon the waves were loud,
    as the laden ship him bore
    to Ireland, back to wood and mire
    and the tower tall and grey,
    where the knell of Clùain-ferta's bell
    tolled in green Galway.
    Where Shannon down to Lough Derg ran
    under a rain-clad sky
    Saint Brendan came to his journey's end
    to find the grace to die.

    'O tell me, father, for I loved you well
    if still you have words for me,
    of things strange in the remembering
    in the long and lonely sea,
    of islands by deep spells beguiled,
    where dwell the Elvenkind:
    in seven long years the road to Heaven
    or the Living Land did you find?'

    'The things I have seen, the many things,
    have long now faded far;
    only three come clear now back to me:
    a Cloud, a Tree, a Star.


    'Upreared from sea to cloud then sheer
    a shoreless mountain stood;
    its sides were black from the sullen tide
    up to its smoking hood,
    but its spire was lit with a living fire
    that ever rose and fell:
    tall as a column in High Heaven's hall,
    its roots were deep as Hell;
    grounded in chasms the waters drowned
    and swallowed long ago
    it stands, I guess, on the foundered land
    where the kings of kings lie low.

    The Star? Why, I saw it high and far
    at the parting of the ways,
    a light on the edge of the Outer Night
    beyond the Door of Days,
    where the round world plunges steeply down,
    but on the old road goes;
    as an unseen bridge that on arches runs
    to coasts that no man knows.'

        J. R. R. Tolkien, /Imram/
        Time and Tide, 03/12/1955
All the best,