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VMs: Re: Voynich Biography

Hi Dana,

before, you had a long list of sources which
gave Wilfred as Voynich's first name and I
again began to wonder. But now use are using
Wilfrid again.
Is that how the latest source you are quoting
gives his name?

In fact I just had an idea and looked through the
few copies of letters I have. There is one from
Prague to Voynich dated 16 March 1921, in response
to a query from Voynich. It uses:

Mr. Wilfrid M. Voynich, Aeolian Hall,
33 West 42nd street, New York.

Also, the author of his paper in 1921 is
listed as Wilfrid M. Voynich (April 1921),
so to me it is clear that this is how he called
himself at the time he had just acquired the

For what it's worth :-/


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