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VMs: Administrative annoyance

Please hold your submissions to the Voynich Ms. mailing list for
a little while.  We have six members hosted at AOL, and none of
them will see your message (or this message, which I'll send
to them separately).  AOL is blocking mail coming from the
Earthlink domain, bouncing it with a "your domain is spamming"
message.  I contacted Earthlink to try to get a resolution
when it first started on Monday, and they said occasionally
AOL does this to their competitors, and it's appeared in the
news, and should clear up within a day or two.

Well, it's back, and we can't reach our AOL members.  The
main choices seem to be recommending that they find a
different address to receive their mail, or moving the list
out of the fire zone.  The first choice seems more appealing
at the moment, but since we've been planning to move to a
majordomo system to cut down on other problems, this may be
the time to do it.  I've set up a majordomo list at voynich.net
called "vms-list".  My hope is to add all 139 members of this
list to that one en masse if I can find the administrative
command that allows this, and then we can (hopefully) move
the discussion there seamlessly.

I'll let you know later today how it's going.
	Jim Gillogly
	Mersday, 23 Foreyule S.R. 2002, 18:27, 7 Caban 10 Mac, Ninth Lord of Night