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VMs: Re: Kircher-Kinner

Very interesting. Thank you.
Dana Scott
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Subject: VMs: Kircher-Kinner
There is a certain Kircher-Kinner letter in the British Library:

Kinner, Cyprian (I thought it was Gottfried Aloys? it could be the same
person - or maybe a relative?). Letter to Kircher, Athanasius, 20 May 1648,
London, British Library.
Call Number: BL Sloane ms. 649 ff. 17r-18r
Notes: Transcribed by Nick Wilding. Other letters from Kinner to Hartlib and
others in same vol. Answer to Kircher - Kinner 7 Nov. 1648 (check dates)
publ. in Dülmen. There is another copy of this letter in the Hartlib papers,

Cyprian Kinner was referred to as "der Schlesier" i.e., "the Silesian"
(Silesia: central Europe in valley of the upper Oder bordering on Sudety
Mountains; formerly chiefly in Germany, now chiefly in E Czech Republic & SW

As Rafal well points out in his 1990 article "MICHAEL SENDIVOGIUS and
CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ: The Unexpected Possibilities", Kinner refused
invitations to become rector of the Racovian Academy and the Klausenburg
school in order to accept that from "baron Michael Sendivogius" to the
imperial court in Prague. He did some services for Sendivogius there and was
ennobled at his request by the emperor Ferdinand II.