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VMs: vms-list

hmm.... thought I'd come in and take a look around.  Wow!!! What a big space!  The echo has a really hollow effect.  I see Dana's set up his herbal shop over there, and Jim's got a booth right at the door where he can greet visitors.   Rafal's setting up on aisle 2, and Gabriel's got a big display with flashing lights on the center runway.  Really Cool.  This is going to really be something!!!
All these fancy booths and displays, but all I brought is a soap box.  There's a place over there in the corner by the plumbing, just the right size for this box, and out of the draft, so the pipes will keep me warm in the winter.  No electricity in that corner like in the main aisle, but I might go out and buy a couple of those "push lights" I've seen on TV, and figure out how to make them work with a "clapper".  Then when I pat myself on the back once in awhile I'll have a strobe light!   Cool!!!  I really like this place!!!  Reminder... paint soap box...  Hey Jim, where's the food court going to be located?  I have a real taste for pizza.
Kudos to Jim for getting this list up and running, under the control of a real Voynichologist and Archiver, Jim Gillogly.  His leadership and hard work over the years is to be commended. 
To spare Jim any awkwardness, let me take the first step.  I initially purchased voynich.net for the list, and had hoped to donate a year of service to Jim for this purpose.  My wife's illness and eventual death a month ago curtailed my donation to only half its size, although I hope to be able to make up the difference in the near future, now that things are more settled.  My point is this - this is the first time (that I know of) in Voynich history where the vms-list and its associated site have to be paid for, but our earlier discussions on the list indicated that most (if not all) of us would like to avoid spam and viruses, see an archiving site that is dependable, and most of us were willing to contribute to this cause.  Now that Jim's put the site online, our expressed desires have become tangible.
It's not appropriate to make financial arrangements on the vms-list, but it is entirely appropriate that Jim not bear the cost of running such a valuable service.  I suggest that those who wish to make donations contact Jim Gillogly privately and make a pledge.  And while we're at it, I move that we appoint Jim to accept donations toward the cost of a full and detailed color copy of the Voynich.  We've all investigated the cost and given it much discussion, and together we can make this happen much sooner than later.
One other thing I wish to add, is that I would like to see an electronic Voynich Reference Library, available only to list members.  This obviously cannot include anything in print, such as D'Imperio's book, but PDF's of the old and rare letters, articles, and books would be an invaluable asset to many of us.  Some decisions should be made on what can and can't be made available electronically, but if it is not available in print, it really needs to be made available elsewhere.  It could take awhile to work out, but something to think about.
Anyway, thanks Jim, for all your dedication and service.  My soap box is now firmly planted in the corner.  If you cut the bottom out of a McDonald's Super-Size cup, it makes a great megaphone!
My best to all of yours in this holiday season,