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Re: VMs: vms-list

GC wrote:

> It's not appropriate to make financial arrangements on the vms-list,
> but it is entirely appropriate that Jim not bear the cost of running
> such a valuable service.  I suggest that those who wish to make
> donations contact Jim Gillogly privately and make a pledge.  And
> while we're at it, I move that we appoint Jim to accept donations
> toward the cost of a full and detailed color copy of the Voynich.
> We've all investigated the cost and given it much discussion, and
> together we can make this happen much sooner than later.

I welcome contributions to the list upkeep, as suggested above
by GC, and I agree that this should happen off-list.  Please note
that these contributions aren't tax-deductible -- neither the IRS
nor other national tax collectors would recognize us as a charity.

However, I don't want to take over the negotiations for the detailed
full color copy of the VMs from Jim Reeds, who has been handling
this through the Beinecke and an imaging company with connections
to the Beinecke.  Unfortunately for those of us with limited
life-spans, academia sometimes moves with glacial speed, and there
have been long delays in the process.  However, I'm confident that I
could not move it any faster than Jim Reeds has done.  When he's
ready to accept donations or further pledges for the copy I'm sure
he'll be in touch.  He has my pledge in hand already if it's needed.

I'd like to thank GC again for getting this site setup started --
I hope we'll be here in our third location for a good long time.
	Jim Gillogly
	26 Foreyule S.R. 2002, 17:32, 10 Ahau 13 Mac, Third Lord of Night

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