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Re: VMs: voynich.net and mailing list archives...?

Nick Pelling wrote:
> Might it be an idea for http://www.voynich.net/ to host the mailing list
> archives (at the very least)?

Absolutely.  Currently all the old (pre-2002) archives are available
from our mirror of Jim Reeds' last-seen web page, which I haven't yet
linked into the place-holder start page:


I'm hoping that Jim will be provide the 2002 chunk when things
settle down for him and 2002 is finished.

When I set up the list I also set up an archive account which will
receive everything sent to the list.  I think there's supposed to
be a way to configure Majordomo to do archiving automatically, but
I haven't worked my way through it yet.  Anybody who is clear on
this should contact me off-list.

> If the domain has access to a database (typically mySQL), I'd be happy
> to build a simple database (to hold all the archived messages) and some
> page-generation code (to display it).

mySQL is indeed available.  Let's do it!  Contact me off-list
when you're ready for the experiment -- and prepare to use small
words, since I know nothing about SQL.  We can Perl the old archives
into a per-message form rather than the current monolithic msg-blobs,
as well as obscuring email addresses so that we aren't creating a
spam-magnet for people daring enough to post.

> Either way, once Google (etc) can see this, we can then proceed to
> search all the archives online (using site:voynich.net etc) in a shared
> kind of way (ie, without everyone using their own brand of grep). :-)
> ...unless there are any reasons why this would be a bad idea?

It all sounds positive to me.
	Jim Gillogly
	27 Foreyule S.R. 2002, 20:37, 11 Imix 14 Mac, Fourth Lord of Night

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