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VMs: Random Text Generation

Hello All,

I have found an interesting little program on the net called LangMaker. It's a utility for assisting those weirdoes who like to create their own artificial languages (of course, I found it by accident), and is used to generate 'structured' random words.

You can download it at : http:\\members.aol.com\JAHenning

With the program it is possible to specify, in reasonable detail, a set of algorithms for the production of random words based on tables of word length, structure, letter sequences and frequency, etc. The results for a very hasty attempt at Voynichese produced -

ton choy ofchoan qopchyain faiin dody ofain odoaiin cfhchyain shoar okair cphshyan doan otchys tos lod s okain shoaiin doan shoy shory docy don shoin cfhshyaiin don chody kaiin lol kody shoain opchoaiin chory okchoain cphchody chody kom shon kshyn doain choccy ofshoaiin kchoy doy shol shon tory okchom qocfhan shol shory shoan okshym ckhshoaiin dody cthshoain doain cthon shom lol shody shor...(etc)

Many of the features of the VMS are immediately visible (as they should be, because I told the program to do this). With tweaking and some more detailed statistics, it should be possible to approximate Voynichese even more. The reason I mention this is because it may provide a means of determining whether or not the VMS is a randomly-generated set of gibberish or something else. My theory goes as follows -

If an algorithm can be created that approximates Voynichese so well that the generated text matches real Voynichese to, say, 90% accuracy (based on letter, bigraph, trigraph, word frequencies, zipf laws, etc) AND it is simultaneously found to be impossible to create a similar algorithm with the same accuracy for a real language, the implication would be that the VMS's scribe(s) used some sort of random word generation system.

Is there any fundamental flaw in this logic? I'm not out to prove one way or the other whether the VMS is gibberish or not, but it seems to be a means of determining this important fact.

One could argue, I suppose, that any language could be modelled with an algorithm, as long as no limit was set on the complexity of the algorithm. Our VMS scribe(s), however, would have been limited to something very simple like a table of letter patterns and a knuckle-bone dice or two.

Any thoughts?


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