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Re: VMs: Sendivogius etc...

Hi Rafal,

> I think that if the VMS was in Prague when we think it was, Sendivogius
> would have heard of it (100%), would have seen it (99%), and quite possibly
> would have owned it too (??%). :-)

It depends on how much publicity the VMS got in Prague.
Maybe it was just owned by the 2 or 3 people we know
(or think we know) who didn't tell anything about it
to others, hoping to read it and find the secrets
of the universe in it? Or maybe the owners before Baresch
and Marci actually could read it and knew there was
nothing of interest there?

This is a possibility, true - but if Kelly did have the VMS, and given Sendivogius' documented connection with his estate, I think it more likely that Sendivogius was right in the middle of things (as seems to have been normal for him). :-)

> PPS: has anyone here seen Joachim Morsius' "Anastasii Philareti
> Cosmopolitae Epistola Sapientissime FRC Remissa. Philadelphia: Harpocrates"
> that Rafal's article mentions? If so, do you know if the "Philareti" in the
> title has anything to do with the Italian architect Filarete, or is it just
> some kind of obscure Rosicrucian wordplay?

I think it is - just as the two British Philalethae (Eugenius
and Eireneus). But I am not quite sure what they were all
alluding to.

I get the impression the the British Philalethes didn't know what they were alluding to themselves as well. :-)

Thanks for your comments! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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