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Re: VMs: Random Text Generation

Hi Rob,

Oh, and by way of example of a code that DOES use Roman numerals, have a look at Jakob Silvester's system on page 118 of D'Imperio.


Yes, of course... Jakob Silvester's code was from 1526, but I should have said I was thinking specifically about Florentine number codes circa 1440-1470, in the medieval-to-early-modern Roman-Arabic numeral hinterland.

Another point: the 1440 cipher from Urbino shown by D'Imperio has "4" (--> [null]) and apparently a ligatured "4o" (--> "quo"):-


Tristano Sforza's code from 1450 (with its 4/4o pair) seems similar-minded, perhaps to the point of having been created by the same cipher-maker: I'll have to look at these more carefully... it's far too long since I last read D'Imperio (shame on me for not having bought a copy). :-(

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: change the last two digits of the link to get the rest of the diagrams from D'Imperio online. :-)

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