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Re: VMs: Random Text Generation

Hi everyone,

Another point: the 1440 cipher from Urbino shown by D'Imperio has "4" (--> [null]) and apparently a ligatured "4o" (--> "quo"):-


Tristano Sforza's code from 1450 (with its 4/4o pair) seems similar-minded, perhaps to the point of having been created by the same cipher-maker: I'll have to look at these more carefully...

FWIW, the Dukes of Urbino (before the munificent Federico da Montefeltro) were:-
Antonio Montefeltro ????-1404
Lord of Urbino 1377-1404
Guidantonio Montefeltro 1378-1443
Lord of Urbino 1404-1443
Oddantonio Montefeltro 1427-1444
Duke of Urbino 1443-1444

D'Imperio's figure 39 refers to the 1440 Urbino code appearing in Luigi Sacco "Manuale di Crittografia", Roma, 1947.

There's also a 1977 English translation of this (published as "Manual of cryptography"), put out by Aegean Park Press. Hmmm: now that sounds familiar... :-) Trinity College in Dublin has a copy, so I might eventually get to see it via an interlibrary loan (but the odds are fairly slim). -/

May I ask if anyone has a copy (or has easy access to a copy)? If so, can I please ask what manuscript Sacco is referring to, when he describes the Urbino's cipher as being one of 72 others? There may be another facsimile of them I can get access to more easily.

Thanks, .....Nick Pelling.....

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