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Re: VMs: Paracelsus - code

Hi Luis,

> We may also assume, and I believe correctly, that much of what he actually did
> write, was written in a kind of "code", familiar to others in his field, but
> to avoid the attentions of the Inquisitors. The Muslim Sufis too, did this .
> Most if not all of their so-called "Love Poetry" is actually highly diguised
> metaphysical philosophical exposition.


Has anyone heard about this 'code' before? or the Sufi version?

My guess is that these both signify "code" in the same sense that alchemical descriptions do: ie, that they have meanings veiled by their use of language, as opposed to languages veiled by their use of enciphering. "Semantic coding", as opposed to "syntactic coding".

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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