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VMs: Paracelsus - code

Thank you Dana for the updated biblio.

Down the old path of looking at medieval trends in using encryption
techniques, hoping to compare them eventually with those that could seem
more or less obvious in the VMS (the 'cryptoarchaeological' approach), I
came across this comment about the work of Paracelsus:

> We may also assume, and I believe correctly, that much of what he actually did
> write, was written in a kind of "code", familiar to others in his field, but
> to avoid the attentions of the Inquisitors. The Muslim Sufis too, did this .
> Most if not all of their so-called "Love Poetry" is actually highly diguised
> metaphysical philosophical exposition.


Has anyone heard about this 'code' before? or the Sufi version?



Are there traces in the VMS encryption of a combination of several well or
less known contemporary techniques, or is it really an entirely original
work, as it has been hinted so many times?

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