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Re: VMs: Random Text Generation

Nick Pelling wrote:
>> Another point: the 1440 cipher from Urbino shown by D'Imperio has "4"
>> (--> [null]) and apparently a ligatured "4o" (--> "quo"):-
>>         http://voynich.no-ip.com/enigma/fig39.pdf
> D'Imperio's figure 39 refers to the 1440 Urbino code appearing in Luigi
> Sacco "Manuale di Crittografia", Roma, 1947.
> There's also a 1977 English translation of this (published as "Manual of
> cryptography"), put out by Aegean Park Press...
> May I ask if anyone has a copy (or has easy access to a copy)? If so,
> can I please ask what manuscript Sacco is referring to, when he
> describes the Urbino's cipher as being one of 72 others? There may be
> another facsimile of them I can get access to more easily.

I have the Aegean Park Press copy of Sacco ("Manual of Cryptography",
"Translated from the original 'Manuale di Crittografia'").  Unfortunately
the d'Imperio Fig. 39 does not appear in the translation.  D'Imperio
says it's from Sacco 1947, p. 6, so I assume it would have appeared in
the Introduction under "Various kinds of secret writing".  However, this
is in the translation a short section in the front matter with no
illustrations.  There's no Urbino mentioned in the references.

The style of the translation is consistent with American declassified
crypto materials from the time in its numbered paragraphs and familiar
layout.  I conjecture that Arlington Hall translated what they felt
would be useful for their current work and left some of the historical
information untranslated.

I think we need an original Sacco for more detail on this one.
	Jim Gillogly
	Mersday, 30 Foreyule S.R. 2002, 18:17, 1 Kan 17 Mac, Seventh Lord of Night

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