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A Note on Numbers (was: Re: VMs: Random Text Generation)

> That's as good as any other assumption I guess. I assume that the zodiac
> section contains tons of numbers, though I couldn't prove it and ofcourse
> assumption wouldn't line up with the 4o assumption above.
> John.

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

I'm Robert Teague, and I just joined yesterday.

I've done a bit of playing with the stand-alone
letters found on f49v, f66r, and f76r, assuming
they are functioning as line numbers.

I found something interesting if I ignored the
numerals 1-5 on f49v, and assigned numbers
this way (using the EVA font):

letter    number

f          ignored
o         0
r          1
y         2
e         3
'          4
k         5
s         6
f         --
o        0
r         1
y        2
e        3
'         4
s        6
f        --
o       0
r        1
y       2
e       3
'        4
d      7
y       2
e       3
k       5
y       2

They don't work as line numbers, unless the lines were written
in the wrong order, and they indicate relative importance. But
note in the lowest set--  1+2=3, 3+4=7, 2+3=5, leaving the
odd 2. I think it's just coincidence, but still...

The interesting bit is that I got confirmation about the "8"
symbol having a value of 7.  Looking through the folios I
have, I noticed that the lable for the Pleiades starts with
"8", and another name for that cluster is the Seven Sisters.


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