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RE: VMs: Random Text Generation

Hi John,

At 19:48 22/12/02 -0500, John Grove wrote:
That's as good as any other assumption I guess. I assume that the zodiac
section contains tons of numbers, though I couldn't prove it and ofcourse my
assumption wouldn't line up with the 4o assumption above.

...assuming that the zodiac section has anything to do with horoscopes, that is? :-)

My money's more on it being some kind of agricultural calendar (partly because of the animals feeding etc), though perhaps with something like Pietro d'Abano's degree names to note the passing of the days.

The text in such a calendar is more likely to revolve (literally :-) ) around agricultural practices (sowing, tending, reaping, feeding, etc), which would be unlikely to be number-centric.

{ val($msg) = $0.02 }

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

PS: hmmm... does EVA "qo" appear in many labels?

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