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RE: VMs: Random Text Generation

>>My money's more on it being some kind of agricultural calendar (partly 
because of the animals feeding etc), though perhaps with something like 
Pietro d'Abano's degree names to note the passing of the days.

The text in such a calendar is more likely to revolve (literally :-) ) 
around agricultural practices (sowing, tending, reaping, feeding, etc), 
which would be unlikely to be number-centric.

{ val($msg) = $0.02 }

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

PS: hmmm... does EVA "qo" appear in many labels?

	I suspect (or assume) that agriculture, hunting seasons etc... are
also part of the underlying use of the zodiac pages among others, but not
due to the grazing animals and crossbow in the zodiac images.

	I think most of the earliest calendars were designed to measure time
for the food producing seasons, and whether you label every degree of the
zodiac with a 'name' or with a number depends on ease of use within the
culture I guess. There are some patterns that seem oddly number like - but
not quite (possibly because we can only guess in what order one would read
the labels). I normally go for the clockwise from the inside out order for
each zodiac page - but one could easily go counter-clockwise, or even start
in the middle and step toward the outer edge, back to the middle etc...

	So many intriguing patterns can be found, but unfortunately they can't
be made into a single (or even a set of constant) rule(s) as yet.


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