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VMs: Update on f68r3

Ah, research!

I decided to take a .jpg of the area in question,
and draw in the 'artistic' sections, to see how
closely my identified stars matched. Unfortunately,
less well than I had thought. The Pleiades and
two-star sections worked fine. But the triangle
and four-star segments were badly out of
alignment against the diagram.

So keeping the Pleiades/Moon alignment as an
anchor, I looked at a larger area. Petr Kazil was
on the right track there. Better matches, with
better alignments were found.

The single star near the Pleiades remains HIP 17954.
In the NE segment are Botein (inner) and Epsilon
Areitis (outer). In the SE segment are 4 Tauri (inner),
6 Tauri (left) and Xi Tauri (right). The SW segment
has Lambda Tauri (inner), HIP 19799 (next), 
66 Tauri (left), and 46 Tauri (right).

To those who requested copies, I'll be sending you
the update shortly.

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